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1) Like the Facebook page and turn on notifications (See bottom of page for how to turn on notifications on Facebook)

2) Comment "IN" on latest post

3) Top Tips is a free page, we get the grand £30 >>> £1000 more than any other page, alot more, all bets go on latest post on the page we start about lunchtime, you can use whatever bookmaker you wish, but you will have to miss some bets, as we use 10Bet and they cover more markets and fixtures than any other bookie.
Of course use whatever bookie you wish, all i ask is PLEASE dont message me when you cant find the match or the market we are betting on.

Even if you only use for Top Tips challenges you need a 10Bet account, if you want to join it takes 2 mins to sign up.

Cheers and good luck

Please note: We at Top Tips affiliate ourselves with only one bookie ( 10BET ) and use them as our preffered partner bookmaker for our football challenges, 10BET offer, better odds on most fixtures, more fixtures and more inplay markets, get on board today

Always gamble responsibly, there are no guarantees you will win.
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