How To Get Involved In The Free £30 To £1000 Challenges

All challenge tips are FREE simply follow the steps below to get involved

1) Comment "IN" on latest post on Facebook .

2) Top Tips is a free page, we complete the £30 >>> £1000 challenge more than any other page, alot more, all bets go on latest post on the page we start about lunchtime. You can use whatever bookmaker you wish, however if you use a different bookie than us you will have to miss alot of our  bets. We use
ComeOn as they cover more markets and fixtures than any other bookie. 

Of course use whatever bookie you wish, all i ask is PLEASE dont message me when you cant find the match or the market we are betting on. We receive 100s of messages per day  asking why you cant find the bet, the answer is simple, your using a different bookie to us.

Even if you only use for Top Tips challenges you need a
ComeOn account, if you want to join it takes 2 mins to sign up on the link below...

3) For instant bet notifications and info updates via messenger click the following link and send the message " GET "

Cheers Mike ..

Always gamble responsibly, there are no guarantees you will win
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Football betting tips
Football betting tips
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